Polishing in rotary tumblers with abrasive media is a very traditional way of surface treatment. Rotary tumblers are very universal in use, however the processing time is relatively long. Rotary tumblers may be used for deburring, grinding or polishing (wet or dry). There is a wide spectrum of possible abrasive materials – ceramic, plastic, porcelain or stainless steel media. Wet processing is conducted with addition of chemical compound, which is selected according to treated material. Working containers for wet processing are wear resistant and very durable. Dry processing is suitable for smoothing, pre-polishing and mirror-like finishing. Dry media (wooden cubes or walnut shell) must be impregnated prior to processing.

Processing time in rotary tumblers is much longer than in disc polishing machines or vibratory tumblers. Safe and gentle processing in rotary tumblers is very time-consuming. In order to eliminate impingement it is recommended to use working containers with high capacity.

Rotary tumblers are very intuitive in use and the working containers can be changed easily. Depending on the type, it may be possible to work simultaneously with one or two working containers. The machine PBD2pwf incorporates ventilating system and speed control.

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