Technical Data:
    • supply: 3x400 V; 50 Hz
    • power: 4,0 kW
    • weight: 380 kg
    • dimensions: 1270x1160x1690 mm (WxDxH)
    • working bowl capacity: 60 l.
    • working bowl inside diameter: 525 mm

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  • Application
      1. available for wet (TE60 W) or dry processing (TE60 D)
      2. designed for mass finishing of small workpieces (up to 10 kg at one time)
      3. suitable for  deburring, radiusing, degreasing, cleaning, smoothing, brightening, polishing
      4. processing with ceramic, plastic and porcelain chips as well as stainless steel shot

  • Advantages
      1. robust stainless steel welded frame with integrated manual separating unit
      2. optimized media movement and excellent processing results due to curved and flow-optimized design of the working bowl
      3. processing of very thin pieces and trouble-free maintenance through use of a very precise gap system (0,05 mm upwards)
      4. tilted working bowl for easy unloading
      5. toroidal movement prevents pieces from sticking to each other and results in targeted material erosion
      6. processing time is several times shorter comparing to Vibratory Machines
      7. reliability and durability - polyurethane lining of the working bowl is extremely wear-resistant (8 times higher than steel)
  • Working Kit
      1. Disc Finishing Machine TE60 W: dosing pump, control panel with timer and frequency inverter, compound level sensor with compound tank (20 liters).
      2. Disc Finishing Machine TE60 D: air pump, control panel with timer and frequency inverter.
  • Accessories

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