Centrifugal dryers are used for drying workpieces after mass finishing. The water evaporates from Surface of the workpieces thanks to centrifugal force created by rotating drum. Additionally the machine incorporates hot air blower for faster removal of moisture and an easily removable basket, which facilitates loading/unloading of workpieces. The machine is adapted for drying fine workpieces by use of special protective material lining inside the rotating drum. Additional protection against damage of the workpieces is provided by gentle start and smooth engine braking after the process. Centrifugal dryers incorporate a direct drive system fixed to the housing by polyurethane sleeves of large diameter, which provides good damping and promotes uniform distribution of parts in a rotating drum. Air channels are designed to absorb heat from the main engine, which results in long and trouble-free processing. Efficient drying of metal parts occurs during 3-5 minutes with loading weight of 4-5 kg. Centrifugal dryers are designed for continuous work. Design of working chamber and draining system ensures process stability. For safety reasons the electric door strike prevents the lid from opening during processing. The temperature is programmable in range of 30°C to 80°C.

Vibratory Dryer WD200 allow to automate the process of drying details after they have been previously processed using Wheel Vibrators. Together with Vibratory Machine WGS250, it forms a complete line for processing and drying details.The elements processed in our Vibratory Machine WGS250 can folow directly to the Vibratory Dryer WD200, which is heated by the heaters before drying begins. The drying medium - corn granulate is use for absorb moisture from details. The drying process takes a few minutes to clean the details and protect them against corrosion. Vibratory Dryer WD200 is equipped with a mechanical separation system that allows quick separation of the drying corns from details. The separation screens are covered with polyurethane protecting the details against unexpected defects.

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