Mass finishing processes are connected with constant producing of  technological waste, that needs treatment and utilization due to the presence of harmful substances or metal filings. The Cascade System is a perfect solution for companies and factories that share the problem of wastewater treatment. Our system allows to reuse the processing water for further work.

The wastewater treatment system consists of two modules: of highly effective container for rough water treatment and of vertical cascade system.  The role of rough treatment is capturing bigger particles and slime from the wastewater. After the initial filtration process the water is pumped to the cascade, in which water stage by stage slowly falls down to another container. The principle of operation is based on keeping the wastewater in slowed down flow, thanks to which we get a division into two phases: one is water, the other one is suspended particles. The processed water can be used for further production. The durability of the water depends on processing time, chemical composition or the compounds used for processing.

Introducing the technology of recycling water is beneficial  for  ecological,  economic and legal  reasons. 




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