Round vibratory machines have a wide spectrum of applications, what distinguishes them from rotary tumblers and disc finishing machines. By choosing correct media type, compound and appriopriate proces parameters it is possible to obtain desired results – cleaning, grinding, smoothing and polishing. Interactions between media-workpiece and workpiece-workpiece are much less aggressive than in case of disc polishing machines. This results in efficient grinding or smoothing of fine and fragile jewellery workpieces.

Processing in round vibratory machines is up to 5 times faster than in rotary tumblers. During this process, the workpieces and the grinding material are added loosely into a container which is open at the top. The items are oscillated through an imbalance in weight, which forces them into a screwing movement.

Round vibratory machines are especially suitable for CEROFIN process, which helps to obtain a mirror-like finishing. It might be also applied for various materials made from silver, gold, amber, glass, precious stones or stainless steel. Material loss during this process is relatively small.


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