Plastic chips

    01PS10 10x10 mm cone black
    01PP10 10x10 mm pyramide black
    02PS10 10x10 mm cone green
    02PP10 10x10 mm pyramide green
    02PS20 20x20 mm cone green
    02PP20 20x20 mm pyramide green
    03PS14 14x14 mm cone pink
    03PP18 18x18 mm pyramide pink
    05PS10 10x10 mm cone blue
    05PP10 10x10 mm pyramide blue
    06PS10 10x10 mm cone white
    06PP10 10x10 mm pyramide white
    07PS12 12x12 mm cone orange
    07PP10 10x10 mm pyramide orange
    A1PS10 10x10 mm cone brown
    A1PS15 15x15 mm pyramide brown
    A6PS10 10x10 mm cone pink
    A6PS15 15x15 mm pyramide pink
    K20-AX 20x20 mm cone brown
    K20-AXK 20x20 mm cone dark blue
    K20-AY 20x20 mm cone purple-grey
    T20-AX 20x20 mm pyramide brown
    T20-AXC 20x20 mm pyramide dark blue
    K20-AK/2 20x20 mm cone orange


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  • Application
      1. plastic bonded grinding chips with a low density used mainly for fine wet grinding of precious metals with addition of compound

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